How Long Do Apples Keep in the Refrigerator

How Long Do Apples Keep in the Refrigerator?

Apples are one of the most commonly consumed fruits globally due to their numerous health benefits and delicious taste. However, it is not uncommon to end up with more apples than you can consume within a short period. In such cases, it becomes essential to know how long apples can be stored in the refrigerator to prevent wastage. In this article, we will delve into the shelf life of apples in the refrigerator and answer some frequently asked questions about their storage.

Apples are known for their relatively long shelf life compared to other fruits. When stored properly, they can remain fresh and flavorful for an extended period. Refrigeration is one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of apples. The cold temperature of the refrigerator slows down the ripening process, allowing them to stay crisp and tasty for a longer time.

On average, apples can last in the refrigerator for about 4-6 weeks. However, the exact duration depends on various factors such as the variety of apple, its quality at the time of purchase, and how well it is stored. Some apple varieties, such as Granny Smith and Fuji, tend to have a longer shelf life compared to others.

To maximize the shelf life of apples in the refrigerator, it is essential to store them properly. Here are a few tips to help you store your apples effectively:

1. Choose firm and unbruised apples: Select apples that are free from bruises or cuts as they are prone to spoilage.

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2. Remove any damaged apples: If you notice any signs of spoilage on an apple, remove it immediately to prevent the spread of decay to other apples.

3. Refrigerate at the right temperature: Set your refrigerator temperature between 32-40°F (0-4°C) to ensure optimal storage conditions for apples.

4. Keep apples in a perforated plastic bag: Place your apples in a bag with small holes to allow for proper air circulation. This will help prevent moisture buildup and maintain freshness.

5. Store apples away from other fruits and vegetables: Apples produce ethylene gas, which can speed up the ripening process of other produce. Keep them separate to avoid premature spoilage.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about storing apples in the refrigerator:


1. Can I store cut apples in the refrigerator?

Yes, cut apples can be stored in the refrigerator. To prevent browning, sprinkle some lemon juice on the cut surfaces before storing them in an airtight container.

2. Can I freeze apples for long-term storage?

Yes, apples can be frozen, but it is recommended to peel and slice them before freezing. Frozen apples are best used in pies, cobblers, or smoothies.

3. How do I know if an apple has gone bad?

Look out for signs such as mold, shriveled skin, brown discoloration, or a fermented smell. If you notice any of these, it’s best to discard the apple.

4. Is it necessary to wash apples before refrigerating them?

It is advisable to wash apples just before consumption to remove any dirt or pesticide residue. Washing them before storage may cause excess moisture, leading to spoilage.

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5. Can I store apples with other fruits in the refrigerator?

It is best to store apples separately from other fruits and vegetables as they emit ethylene gas, which speeds up the ripening process.

6. Should I keep apples in the crisper drawer?

Yes, storing apples in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator helps maintain a consistent temperature and humidity, which is essential for their freshness.

7. Can I store apples at room temperature?

Apples can be stored at room temperature for a short period, usually up to a week. However, refrigeration is recommended for longer storage.

8. Can I store applesauce in the refrigerator?

Yes, homemade or store-bought applesauce can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

9. Can I store apples in a fruit bowl on the counter?

While apples can be stored in a fruit bowl on the counter, they will not last as long as when refrigerated. The room temperature will speed up their ripening process.

10. Can I store apples in a plastic bag without holes?

Storing apples in a plastic bag without holes may lead to excessive moisture buildup, causing them to spoil quickly. It is best to use a perforated bag or wrap them in a damp cloth.

11. Can I store sliced apples in water?

Soaking sliced apples in water can help prevent browning, but it may affect their texture. It is recommended to use lemon juice if you plan to store cut apples.

12. Can I store apples in the freezer without peeling them?

While you can freeze whole apples without peeling them, it is generally advised to peel and slice them before freezing for better texture and ease of use.

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By following these tips and guidelines, you can enjoy the freshness of apples for an extended period. Whether you store them in the refrigerator or freezer, apples are a versatile fruit that can be used in various culinary creations. So, make the most out of your apple supply and savor their taste and health benefits for longer!

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