How to Grow Strawberries in Sims 4

How to Grow Strawberries in Sims 4: A Guide to Gardening

Strawberries are a delicious and versatile fruit that can add a touch of sweetness to any dish. In the virtual world of Sims 4, players have the opportunity to grow their own strawberries and experience the joy of harvesting them. If you want to know how to grow strawberries in Sims 4, this guide is here to help you. We will walk you through the process step by step and provide answers to some frequently asked questions at the end.

1. Start by purchasing strawberry seeds from the build mode catalogue. Look for the “Outdoor Activities” section, and then select “Gardening.”

2. Once you have the seeds, find a suitable spot in your Sim’s garden. Strawberries thrive in direct sunlight, so choose an area that receives ample sunlight throughout the day.

3. Prepare the soil by removing any weeds or rocks. Use the terrain tools to level the ground if necessary.

4. Plant the strawberry seeds by clicking on the desired spot and selecting “Plant.” Make sure to leave enough space between each seedling for growth.

5. Water the seeds immediately after planting. To do this, select the watering can from the build mode catalogue, click on the plants, and choose the “Water” option.

6. To ensure optimal growth, continue to water the strawberries every day. This will prevent the soil from drying out and help your plants thrive.

7. As your strawberries grow, keep an eye out for pests such as snails or aphids. If you spot any, select the “Spray for Pests” option from the build mode catalogue to protect your plants.

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8. With time, your strawberry plants will start to bloom and produce fruit. Be patient, as this process takes a few Sim days.

9. Once the strawberries are ripe, they will change color to a vibrant red. Harvest them by clicking on the plant and selecting “Harvest.” The strawberries will be added to your Sim’s inventory.

10. Sims can eat the strawberries for a quick snack or use them as ingredients in various recipes. They can also be sold for Simoleons, providing a small income for your Sim.

11. To continue growing strawberries, save some of the seeds from the harvested fruit. Simply click on the strawberries in your Sim’s inventory and select “Plant.”

12. Repeat the process to grow more strawberries and expand your garden. With time, you can have a flourishing strawberry farm in your Sims 4 world.

Now that you know the basics of growing strawberries in Sims 4, let’s address some frequently asked questions:


1. Can strawberries be grown indoors?
No, strawberries require direct sunlight to thrive, so they cannot be grown indoors in Sims 4.

2. How long does it take for strawberries to grow?
It takes approximately 3-4 Sim days for strawberries to grow from seedlings to ripe fruit.

3. Do strawberries require any special care?
Strawberries require regular watering to prevent the soil from drying out. Additionally, be on the lookout for pests and spray for them if necessary.

4. Can strawberries die in Sims 4?
Yes, if you neglect to water or care for your strawberry plants, they can die.

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5. Can I grow strawberries in any season?
Yes, strawberries can be grown in any season in Sims 4.

6. Can I plant strawberries in planters or pots?
No, strawberries can only be planted directly in the ground.

7. How many strawberries can I harvest at once?
You can harvest multiple strawberries from a single plant, usually between 3-5 at a time.

8. Can I use fertilizers on strawberry plants?
No, fertilizers are not required for growing strawberries in Sims 4.

9. Can I speed up the growth of strawberries?
No, the growth of strawberries is fixed and cannot be accelerated.

10. Can I sell strawberries to other Sims?
Yes, you can sell strawberries to other Sims using the “Sell” interaction.

11. Can I crossbreed strawberries with other plants?
No, strawberries cannot be crossbred with other plants.

12. Can I have multiple strawberry plants in my garden?
Yes, you can have as many strawberry plants as your garden allows, provided you have enough space and sunlight.

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to start growing your own strawberries in Sims 4. Enjoy the process of nurturing your plants and relish the sweet rewards of a successful harvest. Happy gardening!

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