How to Sell Fish in Black Desert

How to Sell Fish in Black Desert: A Comprehensive Guide

Black Desert is an immersive and expansive MMORPG that offers a plethora of activities for players to engage in. One popular activity in the game is fishing, which not only provides an enjoyable experience but also offers a lucrative way to make silver. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of selling fish in Black Desert and address some frequently asked questions regarding this activity.

1. Catching Fish:
To sell fish, you first need to catch them. Equip a fishing rod and find a suitable spot near water bodies such as rivers or oceans. Cast your line and wait for a bite. Once a fish bites, press the spacebar to reel it in. Different regions and bodies of water offer varying fish species and rarities.

2. Preserving Fish:
To prevent your fish from spoiling, you need to preserve them. After catching a fish, open your inventory and right-click on it to open the Processing window. Select the option to dry, smoke, or salt the fish. Each preservation method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose accordingly.

3. Storage and Transportation:
Fish can take up a lot of inventory space, so it is essential to have adequate storage. Visit a nearby town or city and find the Storage Keeper. Deposit your fish into the storage to free up inventory space. If you need to transport fish to a distant location, you can use a trade manager to ship them via a trade route.

4. Selling Fish:
To sell fish, find a trade manager in any major city or town. Open the map and look for the wagon wheel icon to locate them easily. Interact with the trade manager and select the option to sell trade goods. Choose the fish you wish to sell and confirm the sale. You will receive silver in return.

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5. Imperial Fishing Delivery:
Imperial Fishing Delivery is an alternative way to sell fish and is available only to players with Fishing Skill of Professional 1 or higher. Visit an Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC, indicated by a gold fish icon on the map. Hand over your fish to the NPC, and in return, receive seals that can be exchanged for valuable rewards.


1. Can I sell fish anywhere in the game?
No, fish can only be sold to trade managers in major cities or towns.

2. Do I need to preserve fish before selling them?
Preserving fish prevents them from spoiling, allowing you to sell them later. However, you can also sell fresh fish for a lower price.

3. What is the best preservation method for fish?
The best preservation method varies depending on the fish species and your available resources. Experiment with different preservation methods to find what works best for you.

4. How can I increase the value of my fish?
To increase the value of your fish, you can dry, smoke, or salt them. Additionally, you can level up your fishing skill to increase the base price of the fish you catch.

5. Can I sell fish to other players?
No, fish cannot be directly sold to other players in Black Desert.

6. Can I sell fish to the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC without reaching Professional 1 in Fishing?
No, you need to achieve at least Professional 1 in Fishing to access the Imperial Fishing Delivery option.

7. Are there any limitations on the amount of fish I can sell?
There are no specific limitations on the amount of fish you can sell, but each trade manager has a limited amount of silver they can pay out at once.

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8. Can I sell fish from any region to any trade manager?
Yes, you can sell fish from any region to any trade manager, regardless of where you catch them.

9. Can I sell fish to a trade manager in a different region?
Yes, you can transport fish to a trade manager in a different region using the trade route system.

10. Can I sell dried fish to the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC?
No, only fresh fish can be sold to the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC.

11. How often does the Imperial Fishing Delivery reset?
The Imperial Fishing Delivery resets every day at 6 AM in-game time.

12. Can I sell other trade goods along with fish to maximize profit?
Yes, you can sell other trade goods alongside fish to maximize profit. However, be mindful of the distance bonus, as it may be more profitable to sell fish separately.

Selling fish in Black Desert is not only a great way to earn silver but also a rewarding experience. By following this guide and utilizing the information provided, you can maximize your profits and become a successful fishmonger in the vast world of Black Desert.

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