What Banana Fish Character Am I

What Banana Fish Character Am I?

Based on the popular manga and anime series, Banana Fish, fans have been intrigued by the diverse and complex characters that make up the story. Each character brings their own unique traits and qualities, making it easy for fans to identify with one or more of them. Are you curious about which Banana Fish character you might be? Let’s explore the personalities and characteristics of some key characters to help you find out!

1. Ash Lynx: Ash is the main protagonist, a charismatic and intelligent young man with a troubled past. If you possess leadership qualities and a strong sense of justice, you might be similar to Ash. He is determined and always tries to protect those he cares about.

2. Eiji Okumura: Eiji is a kind-hearted and pure-hearted individual who quickly becomes Ash’s closest ally. If you are loyal, caring, and have a strong moral compass, you might be similar to Eiji. He often provides emotional support and acts as a beacon of hope for Ash.

3. Shorter Wong: Shorter is a lively and loyal gang member who always stands up for his friends. If you are outgoing, brave, and protective of your loved ones, you might be similar to Shorter. He has a strong sense of justice and is never afraid to take risks.

4. Sing Soo-Ling: Sing is a determined and ambitious gang leader who seeks revenge for his brother’s death. If you are driven, persistent, and have a strong desire to succeed, you might be similar to Sing. He is resourceful and always strategizes to achieve his goals.

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5. Yut-Lung Lee: Yut-Lung is a cunning and manipulative character who is always one step ahead of others. If you are intelligent, calculating, and have a knack for manipulation, you might be similar to Yut-Lung. He is a mastermind who plays the game of power with finesse.

6. Dino Golzine: Dino is the main antagonist, a powerful and influential mafia boss. If you are authoritative, ambitious, and have a commanding presence, you might be similar to Dino. He is a ruthless character who stops at nothing to maintain control.

7. Max Lobo: Max is a journalist who becomes involved in Ash’s story. If you are curious, observant, and have a strong sense of justice, you might be similar to Max. He is determined to uncover the truth and expose corruption.

8. Blanca: Blanca is a skilled assassin who becomes Ash’s mentor. If you are disciplined, wise, and have a mysterious aura, you might be similar to Blanca. He is a mentor figure who helps Ash develop his skills.

9. Jessica Randy: Jessica is a fashion model and Ash’s older half-sister. If you are strong-willed, independent, and have a protective nature, you might be similar to Jessica. She cares deeply for Ash and tries to shield him from danger.

10. Arthur Callenreese: Arthur is a childhood friend of Ash and becomes his rival. If you are ambitious, competitive, and have a desire for power, you might be similar to Arthur. He is relentless in his pursuit to surpass Ash.

11. Alex: Alex is a former gang member turned singer who becomes Ash’s friend. If you are artistic, compassionate, and have a free-spirited nature, you might be similar to Alex. He provides emotional support and a sense of belonging to Ash.

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12. Lao Yen-Thai: Lao is a member of Ash’s gang and a loyal friend. If you are dependable, trustworthy, and always have your friends’ backs, you might be similar to Lao. He is fiercely loyal to Ash and will do anything to protect him.


1. Can I be a combination of multiple Banana Fish characters?
Yes, it’s possible to have traits from multiple characters. Just like in real life, we often possess a variety of qualities that make us unique.

2. What if I don’t identify with any of the characters?
Not everyone will identify with a specific character, and that’s perfectly normal. We all have our own unique personalities that can’t always be defined by fictional characters.

3. Can my personality change over time?
Absolutely! Our personalities can evolve and change over time based on our experiences, personal growth, and relationships.

4. Are these characters based on real people?
No, the Banana Fish characters are fictional creations by the author, Akimi Yoshida.

5. Which character is the most complex?
Ash Lynx is often considered the most complex character due to his traumatic past and the layers of his personality that are gradually revealed throughout the series.

6. Can I relate to the villains in the series?
Yes, it’s possible to relate to the villains in Banana Fish. They are complex characters with their own motivations and backstories.

7. Are there any characters with supernatural abilities?
No, Banana Fish is a realistic crime drama with no supernatural elements.

8. Can I take a quiz to determine which character I am most like?
Yes, there are online quizzes available that can help you determine which Banana Fish character you resemble the most.

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9. Are there any characters who change significantly throughout the series?
Yes, many characters undergo significant character development and transformation as the story progresses.

10. Can I cosplay as a Banana Fish character?
Of course! Cosplaying as your favorite Banana Fish character is a fantastic way to show your love for the series.

11. Is there a character that represents the LGBTQ+ community?
Banana Fish has LGBTQ+ representation, with Ash and Eiji’s relationship being a central part of the story.

12. Are there any characters with a tragic backstory?
Several characters in Banana Fish have tragic backstories, adding depth and complexity to their personalities.

In conclusion, Banana Fish offers a diverse range of captivating characters that fans can relate to in different ways. Whether you identify with Ash’s determination, Eiji’s kindness, or any other character’s traits, each one adds depth and excitement to the story. So, which Banana Fish character are you? Dive into the series and explore the world of Banana Fish to find out!