What Fish Are Biting Right Now in Texas

What Fish Are Biting Right Now in Texas?

Texas is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, offering a wide array of species and diverse fishing opportunities throughout the year. With its expansive coastline, numerous lakes, and rivers, the Lone Star State boasts an abundance of fish species that are biting right now. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to cast your line, here are some fish species that you can target in Texas.

1. Black Bass: Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and Guadalupe bass are all popular targets for anglers in Texas. These species can be found in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs across the state. Early mornings and evenings are the best times to catch them, using lures such as crankbaits or soft plastics.

2. Catfish: Texas is renowned for its catfishing opportunities, with several species available including channel, blue, and flathead catfish. These bottom-dwelling fish can be caught using various baits such as stinkbaits, cut bait, or live bait. Fishing at night or during the early morning hours is often the most productive.

3. Redfish: Along the Texas Gulf Coast, redfish are a highly sought-after species. These powerful fighters can be caught using live or cut bait, as well as artificial lures like spoons or soft plastics. Look for them around marshes, jetties, or near structure.

4. Speckled Trout: Another popular saltwater species, speckled trout are abundant along the Texas coast. These fish can be caught using live bait, such as shrimp or mullet, or artificial lures like topwaters or soft plastics. Focus on grassy areas, oyster reefs, or near passes.

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5. Flounder: Known for their delicious taste, flounder can be found in coastal bays and estuaries. They are often caught using live or artificial bait, such as mullet or jigs. Look for them near sandy bottoms or around structure like rocks or pilings.

6. Crappie: Crappie fishing is excellent in Texas, especially during the spring. These panfish can be caught using jigs, minnows, or small crankbaits. Target them around submerged brush piles or near shoreline structures.

7. Striped Bass: Striped bass, also known as stripers, are found in several lakes and rivers across Texas. These hard-fighting fish can be caught using live bait, such as shad or perch, or artificial lures like swimbaits or spoons. Fishing during low-light conditions or near dam outflows can increase your chances of success.

8. White Bass: White bass are abundant in many Texas lakes and rivers, often forming large schools. They can be caught using jigs, spoons, or live bait like shad or minnows. Look for them near sandbars, river channels, or during their annual spawning runs.

9. Sunfish: Sunfish, including bluegill and redear, are popular targets for anglers of all ages. These panfish can be caught using small hooks, worms, or crickets. Look for them near shoreline structures, submerged vegetation, or under overhanging trees.

10. Gar: Alligator gar and spotted gar are some of the unique species found in Texas waters. These ancient fish can be caught using live or cut bait, such as shad or mullet, or by bowfishing. Look for them in shallow, weedy areas or near river channels.

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11. Rainbow Trout: During the winter months, several Texas lakes and rivers are stocked with rainbow trout. These cold-water fish can be caught using small spinners, spoons, or bait such as PowerBait or worms. Check with local authorities or fishing organizations for stocking schedules and locations.

12. Shark: For the more adventurous anglers, shark fishing is possible along the Texas Gulf Coast. Target species include blacktip, bull, and hammerhead sharks. Chunk baits, such as mullet or bonito, are commonly used. Be sure to follow all regulations and guidelines for shark fishing.


1. Do I need a fishing license in Texas?
Yes, anyone 17 years or older is required to have a fishing license in Texas, except for certain free fishing days.

2. Where can I purchase a fishing license?
Fishing licenses can be purchased online through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website, at sporting goods stores, or at select county offices.

3. Are there any size or bag limits for fish in Texas?
Yes, Texas has specific size and bag limits for different fish species. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations to ensure compliance.

4. Can I fish from a public pier without a fishing license?
Yes, a fishing license is not required when fishing from a public pier in Texas.

5. What is the best time to go fishing in Texas?
Early mornings and evenings are often the most productive times to fish in Texas. However, fishing can be good throughout the day depending on the species and location.

6. Can I keep the fish I catch?
Yes, as long as they meet the size and bag limits set by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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7. Are there any restrictions on fishing during certain seasons?
Some fish species have specific seasons or regulations regarding catch-and-release during spawning periods. Always consult the TPWD website or local authorities for up-to-date information.

8. Can I fish from a boat in Texas?
Yes, fishing from a boat is a popular option in Texas. However, ensure you have the necessary safety equipment, licenses, and follow boating regulations.

9. Are there any guided fishing tours available in Texas?
Yes, there are numerous fishing guides and charters available across Texas, offering guided trips for various fish species and water bodies.

10. Can I eat the fish I catch in Texas?
Yes, many Texas fish species are delicious and safe to eat. However, it’s essential to follow fish consumption advisories, especially for certain lakes or rivers.

11. Are there any catch-and-release programs in Texas?
Yes, Texas has various catch-and-release programs aimed at conserving fish populations, such as the Toyota ShareLunker program for largemouth bass.

12. Are there any fishing tournaments in Texas?
Yes, Texas hosts numerous fishing tournaments throughout the year, catering to different fish species and skill levels. These tournaments provide opportunities for anglers to compete and win prizes.

In conclusion, Texas offers a wealth of fishing opportunities, with a variety of fish species biting right now. Whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing, there is something for everyone in the Lone Star State. Remember to check the current regulations, obtain the necessary licenses, and practice responsible fishing to ensure a memorable and sustainable fishing experience.

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