Where to Buy Garra Rufa Fish in Us

Where to Buy Garra Rufa Fish in the US: A Complete Guide

Garra Rufa fish, also known as Doctor Fish or Reddish Log Suckers, have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique ability to nibble away dead skin cells, providing a natural and therapeutic foot spa experience. If you’re looking to experience this peculiar sensation in the comfort of your own home, you may be wondering where to buy Garra Rufa fish in the US. In this article, we will explore some of the best places to purchase these fish, along with answers to frequently asked questions about their care and maintenance.

1. Online Retailers:
Several online retailers specialize in selling Garra Rufa fish, making it convenient for customers to order them from the comfort of their homes. Some reputable online stores include Garra Rufa USA, Buy Garra Rufa Fish, and Aquatic Warehouse.

2. Aquarium Stores:
Many aquarium stores across the US stock Garra Rufa fish. These stores often provide expert advice on fish care and maintenance, ensuring you have the necessary information to keep your fish healthy. Popular aquarium stores such as Petco, PetSmart, and local fish stores are worth checking out.

3. Fish Farms:
Fish farms are another excellent option for purchasing Garra Rufa fish. These farms breed and raise the fish, ensuring they are healthy and well-cared for. Some well-known fish farms that offer Garra Rufa fish for sale include Pisces Fish Farm, Carolina Fish Hatchery, and The Wet Spot Tropical Fish.

4. Local Spas and Salons:
Some spas and salons that offer Garra Rufa fish spa treatments may also sell the fish for home use. Contact local establishments in your area to inquire about purchasing the fish directly from them.

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5. Fish Enthusiast Communities:
Online forums and communities focused on fishkeeping can be a valuable resource for finding Garra Rufa fish. These communities often have members who breed and sell various fish species, including Garra Rufa.


1. Are Garra Rufa fish suitable for home aquariums?
Yes, Garra Rufa fish can be kept in home aquariums as long as you provide them with the appropriate environment, including clean water and a suitable tank size.

2. Do Garra Rufa fish require any special care?
Garra Rufa fish are relatively low-maintenance, but they do need clean water, a well-maintained tank, and a balanced diet.

3. Can Garra Rufa fish survive in tap water?
Garra Rufa fish are sensitive to chlorine and other chemicals present in tap water. It is recommended to use a dechlorinator or treat the water before adding it to the tank.

4. How many Garra Rufa fish should I keep in my aquarium?
Garra Rufa fish are social creatures and thrive in groups. It is recommended to have a minimum of six fish in an aquarium.

5. What do Garra Rufa fish eat?
Garra Rufa fish are omnivorous and can be fed a combination of specialized fish food, algae wafers, and live/frozen foods like brine shrimp or bloodworms.

6. Do Garra Rufa fish reproduce in home aquariums?
Garra Rufa fish rarely reproduce in home aquariums due to the specific conditions required for successful breeding.

7. Can I keep Garra Rufa fish with other fish species?
Garra Rufa fish are peaceful and can coexist with other non-aggressive fish species that share similar water requirements.

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8. How long do Garra Rufa fish live?
Garra Rufa fish typically have a lifespan of 6 to 8 years, but with proper care, they can live up to 10 years.

9. What is the ideal water temperature for Garra Rufa fish?
The recommended water temperature for Garra Rufa fish is between 77-86°F (25-30°C).

10. How often should I clean the aquarium?
Regular partial water changes and tank cleanings are necessary to maintain optimal water quality. It is recommended to clean the tank every 2-4 weeks.

11. Can I use regular aquarium gravel for the tank substrate?
It is best to use smooth gravel or sand as the substrate for Garra Rufa fish tanks to prevent any injuries to their sensitive mouths and barbels.

12. Can I handle Garra Rufa fish with my hands?
It is not recommended to handle Garra Rufa fish with your bare hands, as their delicate skin can be easily damaged. Always use a net or cup when transferring them.

In conclusion, purchasing Garra Rufa fish in the US is relatively easy, as they are available through various channels such as online retailers, aquarium stores, fish farms, and even local spas and salons. With proper care and maintenance, these fascinating fish can provide a unique and therapeutic experience right in the comfort of your own home.