Why Did Tanked Switch Fish Suppliers

Why Did Tanked Switch Fish Suppliers?

Reality television show “Tanked” has been a popular series that showcases the construction and installation of custom-made fish tanks. However, fans of the show may have noticed a significant change in the suppliers of fish for the tanks in recent seasons. This switch in fish suppliers has raised questions among viewers, prompting speculation as to why the change occurred. Let’s dive deeper into the reasons behind Tanked’s decision to switch fish suppliers.

1. Q: Who were the previous fish suppliers for Tanked?
A: The previous fish suppliers for Tanked were primarily from Living Color Aquariums.

2. Q: Why did Tanked switch fish suppliers?
A: The switch of fish suppliers was primarily due to a legal dispute between the show’s hosts, Wayde King and Brett Raymer, and Living Color Aquariums.

3. Q: What was the legal dispute about?
A: The legal dispute revolved around allegations made by Wayde King and Brett Raymer that Living Color Aquariums failed to provide certain services and products as agreed upon.

4. Q: Are there any specific details about the legal dispute?
A: Specific details regarding the legal dispute have not been publicly disclosed, making it difficult to ascertain the exact nature of the disagreement.

5. Q: Who is the current fish supplier for Tanked?
A: Following the legal dispute, Tanked switched its fish supplier to a company called Aquatic Exhibits International, which provides a wide range of fish species to the show.

6. Q: How has the switch affected the show?
A: The switch in fish suppliers has not had a significant impact on the overall format of the show. However, some viewers have noticed a difference in the types of fish showcased in the tanks.

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7. Q: Are there any noticeable changes in the fish selection?
A: The change in fish suppliers has allowed Tanked to showcase a broader range of fish species, bringing diversity to the tanks featured on the show.

8. Q: How has the audience reacted to the switch in fish suppliers?
A: Audience reactions have been mixed. While some viewers have appreciated the opportunity to see different fish species, others have expressed nostalgia for the fish selection provided by Living Color Aquariums.

9. Q: Has the legal dispute been resolved?
A: The details regarding the resolution of the legal dispute are not publicly available. However, the switch in fish suppliers suggests that the issue has been resolved or settled.

10. Q: Are there any plans to revert to the previous fish supplier?
A: As of now, there are no indications of reverting to Living Color Aquariums as the fish supplier for Tanked.

11. Q: Has the switch affected the show’s popularity?
A: Tanked remains a popular show among fish enthusiasts and reality television fans, indicating that the switch in fish suppliers has not significantly impacted its popularity.

12. Q: Can viewers expect any further changes in fish suppliers?
A: While the show’s producers have not made any official statements regarding future changes in fish suppliers, it is possible that Tanked may continue to explore different suppliers in order to provide viewers with a diverse range of fish species.

In conclusion, the switch in fish suppliers for Tanked was primarily a result of a legal dispute between the show’s hosts and Living Color Aquariums. The switch to Aquatic Exhibits International has allowed the show to showcase a wider variety of fish species, although some viewers have expressed nostalgia for the fish selection provided by the previous supplier. Despite the change, Tanked continues to enjoy popularity among its audience, indicating that the switch in fish suppliers has not negatively impacted the show’s overall appeal.

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