Why Is Petsmart Not Selling Fish 2022

Title: Why Is PetSmart Not Selling Fish in 2022?


PetSmart, a popular retail chain specializing in pet supplies and services, has been a go-to destination for pet owners for many years. However, as of 2022, there has been a noticeable absence of fish in their stores. This sudden change has left many customers wondering why PetSmart is no longer selling fish. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this decision and address frequently asked questions regarding the absence of fish at PetSmart.

Reasons behind PetSmart’s Decision:

1. Focus on Animal Welfare: One of the primary reasons for PetSmart’s decision to stop selling fish is their commitment to animal welfare. Maintaining an appropriate environment for fish, including proper tanks and water conditions, can be challenging, especially in a retail setting. By discontinuing fish sales, PetSmart aims to ensure the well-being of all animals in their care.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience: PetSmart wants to focus on providing a positive and enriching experience to their customers. By reallocating resources previously dedicated to fish maintenance, the company can concentrate on improving the overall shopping experience, expanding product offerings, and enhancing existing pet care services.

3. Expertise and Specialization: Fish require specific care and knowledge, which might be beyond the scope of a general pet retailer. By discontinuing fish sales, PetSmart can focus on their expertise in other areas such as dog, cat, and small animal care, providing customers with tailored advice and specialized products for these pets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Q: Can I still find fish supplies at PetSmart?
A: Yes, PetSmart continues to offer a wide range of fish supplies, including tanks, filters, food, and accessories.

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2. Q: What will happen to the fish that were previously sold at PetSmart?
A: PetSmart has taken appropriate measures to ensure the welfare of the fish. They have partnered with reputable organizations and experts in aquatic life to find suitable homes for the fish or transfer them to appropriate facilities.

3. Q: Are there any plans for PetSmart to resume selling fish in the future?
A: PetSmart has not provided any specific information regarding the re-introduction of fish sales. However, they are constantly evaluating their product offerings and customer demands, so it is possible that fish sales may resume in the future.

4. Q: Can I still get advice on fish care at PetSmart?
A: PetSmart’s knowledgeable staff can still provide guidance and advice on fish care, even though fish sales have been discontinued.

5. Q: Are there any alternative stores where I can buy fish?
A: Yes, there are various specialized fish stores and online retailers where you can purchase fish and related supplies.

6. Q: Will PetSmart continue to offer aquatic pets other than fish?
A: While fish sales have been discontinued, PetSmart may still offer other aquatic pets such as turtles, frogs, or aquatic invertebrates, depending on local regulations and customer demand.

7. Q: Will PetSmart continue to provide fish adoption programs?
A: PetSmart’s commitment to pet adoption remains unchanged. They may partner with local rescue organizations to offer fish adoption programs in the future.

8. Q: How can I ensure the well-being of my fish without PetSmart’s guidance?
A: There are numerous online resources, forums, and specialized fish stores where you can obtain valuable information on fish care and maintenance.

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9. Q: Will fish tanks be removed from PetSmart stores?
A: While fish tanks may no longer be used to house live fish, PetSmart may still showcase tanks for display purposes or offer them for sale.

10. Q: Can I return fish-related products I purchased from PetSmart?
A: PetSmart’s return policy remains applicable to fish-related products. You can contact customer service or refer to their website for more information.

11. Q: Will the absence of fish affect PetSmart’s loyalty program?
A: The absence of fish sales is unlikely to impact PetSmart’s loyalty program. Members can continue to earn and redeem points as per the existing program terms.

12. Q: What other changes should I expect at PetSmart due to the absence of fish sales?
A: PetSmart may introduce new product lines, expand existing offerings, or enhance pet care services to compensate for the absence of fish.


PetSmart’s decision to discontinue fish sales in 2022 stems from their focus on animal welfare, customer experience, and specialization. Although this may disappoint some fish enthusiasts, PetSmart remains committed to providing a wide range of pet supplies, expert advice, and exceptional care for other pets. By addressing customer concerns and offering alternative resources, PetSmart ensures that pet owners can still find the support they need to provide the best care for their aquatic pets.