Walking through the Homemade Pop-Up shop, you’ll feel less like you’re shopping at a store and more like you’ve been invited into someone’s home. And that’s exactly the way Ayesha Curry, Founder of Homemade, envisioned it. With help from Christine Lin and her talented design team at Form + Field, Ayesha set out to bring the Homemade brand to life through bold color, rich texture, and comfy furnishings that provide inspiration everywhere you look. We caught up with Ayesha to ask her a few questions about the Homemade brand, the Pop-Up Shop and some of her favorite Homemade products.

What about the Homemade Pop-Up separates it from some of the other lifestyle stores in the area?
AC: I’m in the hospitality business, so for me opening a retail store was more than keeping the shelves stocked. I want everyone that walks through the door to feel special, and I want their time spent at the shop to feel meaningful. There is plenty of amazing shopping in the Bay Area, but they’ve chosen to come to Homemade and that means something to me. I want them to feel that appreciation.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the design of the space?
AC: The idea was simple.. create an interactive experience where people can see the Homemade brand come to life. Beyond that, it was about assembling a dream team of designers to bring that vision to life. We wanted to elevate the retail experience. Rather than just displaying the product, we wanted to showcase it in a way that helps people envision the products in their own homes. We sought to infuse warmth into the design with bold paint graphics, product installations that feel like art installations, and monochromatic color themes. The space was thoughtfully curated with furnishings provided by Cost Plus World Market, to create a lifestyle space that feels less like a shop and more like a home.

What was the hardest part about bringing the space to life?
AC: The time constraint! We actually pulled the whole thing together in just a few short weeks, but you’d never know by looking at it. The team worked tirelessly, and I truly couldn’t be more happy with the finished product.

What are some of your favorite products?
AC: I love them all! But there are a few exclusive products only available at the shop that I absolutely love. We have a Homemade tote that’s canvas with a gorgeous leather handle. It’s nice and roomy and waterproof inside, so it’s perfect to take to the grocery store or a Farmer’s Market. Another favorite – when you walk in the door, the first thing that hits you is the dreamiest scent coming from our Homemade candles in Clean Linen. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood with that scent wafting around.