1. Find your village: The biggest thing that I had to learn was that I was very prideful about my motherhood; I wanted to take on everything by myself. I realize that it really does take a village, and so, whenever I can have a helping hand, I can. And that kind of presents peace of mind for everybody and for the kids, so I’m not stressed out all the time. I also learned to relinquish more duties to my husband. He helps out a lot, he helps out when he can. He travels a lot, but when he’s home, he’s home with the kids, so it’s really nice.
  2. Let it go: Stop sweating the small stuff. That’s the biggest thing for me is not to let the small things get to me. Mind you, they do get to me often, but trying to remind myself not to let it get to me I think is the biggest thing.
  3. Be present: As a Millennial, we’re always trying to do a million things at once. So I think it’s important to take that time to disconnect, whether it be from social media or your phone or whatever, just to be present and be in the moment. It’s easy to get lost in stuff like this. So, I think it’s just taking that time — especially when you have kids — to get down and play with them, be with them and experience something with them.
  4. Kids vs technology. It’s clear that this generation of kids will be raised on modern technology and I don’t want to shield them from it because it’s their future. It’s going to become a part of what they need to know how to do in order to succeed in life and find a good job and the whole thing. It’s definitely crazy and daunting they have access to everything, but at the same time it’s awesome they have so much that they can learn from and experience.
  5. Soak it all up. We hear it all the time from those who have children that are older and off to college. My girls are growing up so quickly and the time is just flying by. Now having my third child, I can really appreciate this sentiment more than ever. I am truly trying to soak up every minute with him because I know how fleeting it is.