Here you’ll find the self-proclaimed crazy garden lady’s most important gardening tips. From the obvious to not-so, they will ensure you have a beautiful, hassle-free garden.

  • Sunlight – As obvious as it sounds, the biggest gardening mistake folks make is with light! Most herbs grow best with full sunlight. When growing indoors, a south-facing window will provide the most sunlight. If a window isn’t available, use a small grow light to supplement whatever sunlight you have. There are many easily available online. Remember – whether a sun or a bulb, plants need good light!
  • Watering – tip: Herbs only need a small amount of water when starting from seed. As they grow taller and have more leaves, they will begin to need more and more water! One rule of thumb is to only water potted herbs when the top 1″ of surrounding soil is dry to the touch. You can just stick in your finger in the dirt to check (go ahead – gets your hands a little dirty!)
  • Soil – If growing in Containers, be sure to select a well-draining and moisture balancing potting mix for herbs. A soil amendment like biochar is a great addition to help regulate moisture in your soil (it’s also what is inside my gardening kits that lets you easily grow out of those cute jars!)
  • Nutrients – Be sure to select the correct soil nutrients and fertilizer for what plant you’re growing. Fertilizers with plenty of nitrogen will help herbs grow abundant leaves, while fruits and vegetables will benefit from ample phosphorus.
  • Organic! Remember – plants want soil – living, breathing soil – not dead, “dirt”. Whenever possible, buy organic soil. It doesn’t have a bunch of artificial chemicals, so it’s safer for your kids/family and your plants will thrive more because it’s all living, real soil!
  • Don’t stress and have fun! Remember, when gardening you’re growing something natural and something living — and sometimes Mother Nature might have other plans or a furry friend (rabbits!) might be hungrier than you and enjoy your bounty early 🙂 Don’t get discouraged! I’ve learned to enjoy the whole experience – from seed to smile. Seeing my first seeds sprout from the soil is as magical and amazing as the final harvest. I love how gardening teaches you to enjoy the journey, not the just the destination!